The popular Google’s Desktop search software is now available also for linux. This is released last month, approx. two months after Google released Google Desktop for Mac.

Google Desktop Blog says:

“For most Linux users, looking for files, documents, or emails usually involves some combination of ‘find’ and ‘locate,’ but sometimes these tools don’t quite do what you’re looking for, like finding that single PDF containing the specific topic you’re looking for. Or you just wish there was a much easier way to find something than ‘find /home/username -name ‘*.pdf’ and ‘pdftotext pdf_file_name.pdf output.txt…’ “

This is a good sign that Google supporting linux operating system also, as Linux is spreading in the desktop computing environment. And, I am quite sure that most of the distros will include Google Desktop package in the future releases and updates.

You can download Google Desktop for Linux from here.


2 Responses to Google Desktop Now Available for Linux

  1. Mark says:

    Desktop search is very useful, but I am worried about the privacy…
    Will Google transmit back any details … I am not sure whether to trust it 100percent…

  2. Admin says:

    Mark, I dont think Google will do that. Anyway, there are other desktop search programs like Beagle for linux, you may want to try.

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