Time Travel MachineThe ideas of time travel and time machine have fascinated mankind for centuries. There were many ideas scientific fiction stories and movies emerged over time.

But when Albert Einstein released his theory of special relativity, he laid the foundation for the theoretical possibility of time travel. As we all know, no one has successfully demonstrated time travel, but no one has been able to rule it out either. Theoretically we look into the past every night when we look at the sky, what we are looking at was from past, we never know some of the stars we are looking at exist at this point of time.
I came across an interesting and funny small game related to time and space on a forum :

Pick an event in history. (let’s say, the year Albert Einstein was born). If the year that event happened is not known, research to find the year. (1879)
Subtract that year from 2007. (128)
Use a program such as “Stargazer’s Delight” to find a star 128 light years from Earth. (only unnamed star in Virgo)
Locate that star in the sky.
Say the light that we see tonight left from this star the year Einstein was born.
Repeat, it’s fun.

Time Travel Machine

While the idea makes for great fiction, some scientists now say traveling to the past is impossible. However, some scientists believe that traveling to the past is, in fact, theoretically possible, though impractical.

The fourth dimension: In physics, time is described as a dimension much like length, width, and height. When you travel from your house to the grocery store, you’re traveling through a direction in space, making headway in all the spatial dimensions-length, width and height. According to come scientists, here you’re also traveling forward in time, the fourth dimension. In this four-dimensional space-time, you’re only able to move forward in time. So, that makes the time travel impossible according to some researchers.

A handful of proposals exist for time travel. The most developed of these approaches involves a wormhole-a hypothetical tunnel connecting two regions of space-time. The regions bridged could be two completely different universes or two parts of one universe. Matter can travel through either mouth of the wormhole to reach a destination on the other side.

LiveScience: Time Travel Machine Outlined:

A new concept for a time machine could possibly enable distant future generations to travel into the past, research now suggests.

Unlike past ideas for time machines, this new concept does not require exotic, theoretical forms of matter. Still, this new idea requires technology far more advanced than anything existing today, and major questions remain as to whether any time machine would ever prove stable enough to enable actual travel back in time.

Time machine researchers often investigate gravity, which essentially arises when matter bends space and time. Time travel research is based on bending space-time so far that time lines actually turn back on themselves to form a loop, technically known as a “closed time-like curve.”

“We know that bending does happen all the time, but we want the bending to be strong enough and to take a special form where the lines of time make closed loops,” said theoretical physicist Amos Ori at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. “We are trying to find out if it is possible to manipulate space-time to develop in such a way.”

Ori’s latest research suggests time machines are possible without exotic matter, eliminating a barrier to time travel. His work begins with a donut-shaped hole enveloped within a sphere of normal matter.

Read more about the time travel machine outline on LiveScience.

What do you think? Is time travel possible? Send in your comments!


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  1. Mark says:

    Really interesting article.. The game is quite fun..

  2. Minni says:

    Ah! It’s a dream thats neither ends nor become reality!!

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