A device’s operating system is increasingly seen as a way for carriers and OEMs to differentiate their offerings. But operating systems are also subject to a growing degree of price pressure. Linux is being positioned as a low cost, even license-free, solution for commercial smartphones, but also for real-time operating system replacement in mid-tier devices.

Linux will be the fastest growing smartphone operating system over the next five years, according to market experts.

Linux In Mobile PhonesAccording to ABIresearch report, Linux will power about 31 percent of all smartphones sold in 2012, and by then will have shipped in 331 million devices, says ABI. The research firm forecasts 75 percent CAGR (compound annual growth rate) for Linux in smartphones through 2012, making it the fastest-growing OS in the sector.

Factors influencing Linux’s success, as foreseen by ABI, include:

  • The “rise of mobile broadband” and resultant device convergence
  • Development initiatives from large computing and mobile phone companies
  • Adoption by handset OEMs

ABI hedges on complete Linux bullishness, however, noting concerns that include:

  • Vertical and horizontal fragmentation
  • Microsoft patent infringement assertions

Check out this big list of linux powered phones available in the market.


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  1. tux says:

    Do I need to edit the config in vi editor as in desktop?
    How is the use interface like…?

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