Nokia unveiled four new handsets at Nokia GoPlay event in London. Nokia also introduced its new Internet services brand name ‘Ovi’, which includes the Nokia Music Store and N-Gage, two services that enable people to buy and download music and games from their mobile devices or personal computers.

The four new phones are conpatible with the new services announced. Two phones are N Series multimedia computers running S60 3rd Edition and two are Series 40 3rd Edition-based additions to the Xpress Music lineup. These are expected to begin shipping in the fourth quarter of 2007.

  • N81 & N81 8GB – dedicated music and gaming keys, new slider, 3G, WLAN, quad GSM/Edge & WCDMA — 430€
  • N95 8GB/N95 (US) – update to the N95, 5MP Camera, built-in A-GPS, WLAN, HSDPA and a 2-way slideUS market — 560€ / $699 (US Version).
  • 5610 – features amusic slider key that automatically launches the music player, quad-band GSM/EDGE and dual-band 850/2100 WCMDA 3G, supports upto 4 GB of miscroSD storage — 300€
  • 5310 – a candy bar design with dedicated external music controls, tri-band GSM/EDGE, supports upto 4 GB of miscroSD storage — 255€

New Nokia Phones N95 8GB, N81, 5610 and 5310

Which of the above phones you’d like to get your hands on?

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4 Responses to Nokia Unveils Four New Handsets

  1. […] introduced Ovi, the company’s new Internet services brand name along with four new handsets. With the introduction of Ovi, Nokia is expanding from a focus on mobile devices to offering a […]

  2. Saaketh says:

    Have these mobiles already been released?

  3. What are their prices?

  4. Admin says:

    prices are there in the post above itself.
    i think euro symbol isnt displayed properly.
    * N81 & N81 8GB — 430Euros
    * N95 8GB/N95 (US)— 560Euros / $699 (US Version).
    * 5610 — 300Euros
    * 5310 — 255Euros

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