A Behind the Scenes Video Of GMail

Few weeks back, Google posted a video to YouTube giving a behind-the-scenes look at how Gmail messages “really” travels around the world, and invited users from all over the world to submit their own clips to continue the story, and Gmail fans from more than 65 countries submitted more than 1,100 fantastic videos! From those clippings, Google created a final behind the scenes collaborative video.

Watch the funny final video below:

YouTube video

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  1. Sud:

    hilarious video and idea of Google

  2. binod:

    I don’t know what to write, I guess lot of people will get mad at my comment, but I just wanted to make a small comment,
    I thought gmail was the top of all and I guess that what this video was trying to portray here, but a mail that can’t reach to the top of this world(Mt.Everest) can’t be considered that much of an achievement, Can it?
    I don’t why no one thought that before?

  3. Admin:

    Yes, Binod..
    Your idea is great, using Mt. Everest in the video would have made the video more interesting…

  4. Remun:

    including mt.evrst ‘d have been good but,
    This video is great by itself and GMail is my fav.

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