The duopoly of Windows Mobile and Symbian is to face its biggest challenge yet, with six big names in mobile telephony backing the development of a new Linux-based software platform for mobile phones.

LiMo FoundationThe LiMo Foundation, originally founded by Motorola, NEC, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics, Vodafone, and NTT DoCoMo in 2007, LiMo was created to combat fragmentation in the Linux mobile ecosystem and fill the need for a standardized mobile platform that can be developed transparently and used without the need to pay licensing fees. In the past six months, Aplix, Celunite, LG Electronics, McAfee, and Wind River have become Core members of the LiMo Foundation and will become active participants in LiMo’s governance board. ARM, InnoPath, KTF, Ericsson, Broadcom, and MontaVista have joined LiMo as Associate members.

Mobile Linux momentum is growing, and some recent key announcements from the LiMo Foundation at the LinuxWorld Conference emphasize the growing support for Linux as a cellular operating system from a broad cross-section of the handset industry.

LiMoF’s founders clearly believe that they have the influence needed to create the sought-after ecosystem of complementary hardware, software and services. Indeed, several of them already have Linux-based phones on sale and in use, especially in the Asian market.

The increased focus on Mobile Linux shows the high level of interest from all segments of the cellular handset industry, including manufacturers, network operators and component suppliers. This is demonstrated pretty clearly by the expanding membership of the LiMo Foundation, an industry group that was established in January of this year with the stated goal of developing a common Linux Platform.

The LiMo Foundation which aims to collectively develop a Linux-based platform for mobile phones, announced that handsets running the LiMo platform will reach the market by 2008.


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