Finally its official, iPhone will be available in UK from November 9th. Mobile phone operator O2, has won the exclusive contract to sell Apple’s much-hyped iPhone in the UK.

The phones will be sold in O2, Carphone Warehouse and Apple stores from 9 November costing £269 including VAT. Anyone looking to grab the handset will have to sign up to an 18 month O2 contract, with price plans at £35 (200 minutes and 200 texts), £45 (600 minutes and 500 messages) and £55 per month (1200 minutes and 500 texts). All the plans include ‘unlimited’ data transfers. Users will get free use of 7,500 wi-fi hotspots giving faster internet access.

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iPhone In UK With O2


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  1. gordon says:

    It sounds like there are no provisions for those who do not pass the 02 credit check as far as becoming an iPhone in the UK user is concerned.
    In the US the activation procedure accommodates those who fail the AT&T credit check by offering them a pay-as-you-go type contract. Nothing similar to that has been mentioned so we can only assume the worst. It might be pointed out that people fail credit checks for a variety of reasons and that it does not necessarily mean they are not credit worthy as such. But, clearly that’s of no consequence to Apple and 02 right now. Those who sell the unlock here are going to rake it in and I can only see Apple and 02 losing out with such a decision. I’m going to keep pressing the 02 and Apple people in the UK on this so visit my site to find out more:

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