Students of Royal College of Art were set the challenge of designing a mobile phone to “outperform, outsmart, and outmanoeuvre everything on the market”. Check out the pictures below trendy and artistic designs they came up with.

Trendy - Note

One of three winners in the competition, sponsored by 3, was Vase (in pic below). The phone starts “as an empty vessel”, with features installed gradually as the owner decides what they want.

Trendy Mobile - VaseTrendy Mobile - Vase

Vase’s designers say no instruction manual is needed, with users learning to operate the phone as it is built up gradually with functions “perfectly suited” to their needs.

Another winner – the Teiko (in pic below), designed for children – includes games, parental controls, and GPS technology to enable parents to monitor their children’s movements.

Trendy Mobile - TeikoTrendy Mobile - Teiko

Teiko allows children to access information in places like museums and zoos. The shock-proof and waterproof phone also features a retractable earpiece that children cannot lose.

Owners of the Free Key (in pic below) assign the functions of the 40 keys beneath a flexible LCD screen, making the winning design “unique to each user… intuitive to use and hard to replace”.

Trendy Mobile - Free Key

These trendy and artistic mobile models certainly rock and beat most of the latest handsets available in the market, but it is not known about the availability of these models in the market.


3 Responses to Trendy Mobiles Designed By Royal College Of Art Students

  1. True. Pretty cool child trackers

  2. Mobiles says:

    Wow, these designs are amazing. Imagine if these students were to actually be the one to make the designs of the mobile phones of the future..That would be very interesting.

  3. Arun says:

    Its really nice…….And innovative. Especially the mobile phone for a child.Continue your innovations……..

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