iPhone in IndiaIndians will no longer need to illegally buy, unlock and then use the most-desired item on gadget lovers’ lists — the Apple iPhone. Its much-awaited and delayed India launch is expected with telecom operator Vodafone in the first week of September.

Initially the 8 GB version of the much-hyped touchscreen device — which combines Wi-Fi capabilities with a powerful email client, TV feeds, online music store and map-based location guide — will be launched at a price ranging between Rs 27,200 and Rs 28,000. Based on buyer response, the launch of the 16 GB version will be staggered to the middle of 2009.

“Post launch in India, the iPhone can be ‘unlocked’ (or configured to use SIM cards from all telecom carriers), though the company is not fully open to such a possibility,” the source said.

The real signs of ‘iFatigue’ in India over the long wait for the iPhone are evident on Internet chat forums where users debate thorny issues like how to unlock the iPhone without losing call quality, free open source hacker kits like AppTapp, the best unlock deals at the right price, and quick bargains in the grey market.

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9 Responses to iPhone In India On Vodafone, Likely In September

  1. saaketh says:

    who would want vodafone?
    anyone it is better if u jailbreak it and unlock it as you get many more useful apps from installer.app

  2. Anil says:

    Yes Saaketh,
    Already many checking how to unlock and use it other operators in India. And already there are currently 1000s of unlocked phones in India brought from overseas

  3. Saaketh says:

    Isnt unlocking Indian iPhones and Oversea iphones the same?

  4. Abu says:

    Grey Market “Unlocked” iPhones are cheaper at 20K-25K…….Official seller/carrier should have been Airtel.

    No two thoughts about iPhone it is a revolutionary Mutimedia Device not just a Mobile Phone.

  5. saurabh says:

    who want iphone? when N95 8gb is in market, N96 16gb will be in market and N82 is there with better configration

  6. Amit says:

    iphones are class apart. The operating system is Mac which is virtually virus free compared to any Nokia N-series or other cellphones which are windows based and highly susceptible to viruses and hang easily. Only true gadget freaks can understand that AN APPLE IS AN APPLE! The technology is miles ahead from others as well as the design & looks.

  7. SKV says:

    I hope vodaphone brings in updated version of iphone which has no limitations as in first version. This is very important. And of course I eagerly await this phone marketed by VODAPHONE !

  8. prithwish says:

    @amit : since when did nokia start installing windows in their phones?? and iphones dont really run mac OS per se…its an heavily modified versions…as for viruses, if u are that worried, SE phones are the best and no virus can ever touch them

    @SKV: yah sure mate..india is such an important market for apple that they would allow hutch to tinker with the phone software….why not?

  9. jagdish gosiya says:

    i vaiting iphon.

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