Skin-tenna: Antenna That Uses Skin To Transmit Signals

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland, designed a wireless antenna that channels signals along human skin could broadcast signals over your body to connect up medical implants or portable gadgets. The new power-efficient approach could make more of established medical devices like pacemakers or help future implants distributed around the body work together.

Skin-tenna works by taking advantage of the creeping wave effect that allows waves to travel along a surface, due to mismatches between the air and the surface, and allows wireless devices (like pacemakers) to communicate more efficiently with devices anywhere on the body. Signals are channeled out sideways along the skin by this reflection and the conducting plate. That makes the antenna more efficient, which could double the battery life of body-worn gadgets.

The future may be filled with wearable device are powered by body heat or water or bacteria and communicate by sending signals along the surface of our skin. Now that’s a future that sounds exciting.

Skin-tenna: Antenna That Uses Skin To Transmit Signals


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  5. […] […]

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    I wonder if this would boost cell phone signal too? It would be cool to have extra strong signal on a motorola krave. I like the full touch screen on the krave, but a full list of features can be found online at Ever since I started working with Motorola, I can’t stop talking about the krave!

  8. Gerardo C. Laya says:

    That is great! At least the telecommunications industry somehow mimize their expenses which in turn benificial to their subscriber if they reduce their charges.

  9. Raja Sekhar says:

    sir, can u forward the paper so i can give seminar on it.

  10. wireless antennas should also be made from very conductive alloys like copper or better yet silver alloys;.;

  11. wireless antennas that are not made of special alloys will easily break on gale force winds*~-

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    can i have the paper for this … i am planning to give a seminar on this.

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    i like to have paper on this

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    What a great idea!! i wanna to know about today trends in ur field.. could you guide me?

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    Want to get some more information about it.Detailed description of how it actually works??..

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