Microsoft’s pattern and practice team released a pocket architecture guide for Windows mobile developers
as well as for architectures. Windows Mobile Application architecture pocket guide provides real world information and best practices for mobile development. The purpose of the Mobile Application Architecture Pocket Guide is to improve your Effectiveness when building mobile applications on the Microsoft
platform. The guide provides design-level guidance for the architecture and design of mobile applications
built on the .NET Platform. It focuses on partitioning application functionality into layers, components, and services, and walks through their key design characteristics. Windows Mobile Application Architecture Pocket Guide is indented for architects and development leads

It includes topics such as…

  • Mobile Application Architecture
  • Design Considerations
  • Rich client vs thin Web client
  • Device types
  • UI
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Caching
  • Communication
  • Configuration
  • Management
  • Data Access
  • Debugging
  • Logging
  • Porting
  • Deployment

It’s a great guide if you wish to gain an insight into the issues that have to be addressed by real life mobile projects.


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