The number of people using their mobile phones to access social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo and keep in constant touch with their friends has rocketed this year, according to new research reported by Guardian.

Almost all the handset manufacturers like Nokia, Blackberry, Apple releasing new handsets and smart phones that are capable of high speed internet access and comfortable screen sizes for internet browsing. The combination of cheap or unlimited internet access tariffs and handsets which make it simple for people to log onto their favorite sites has created a boom in social networking, the study by Orange found.

The mobile phone company did not even keep count of the number of its customers that were using their phones to access social networking sites a year ago, as there was little interest. By the end of September, however, 640,000 of its UK users were accessing a social networking site every month, clocking up 66m page views and in the company’s fourth digital media index it has split social networking out for the first time.


5 Responses to Mobile Social Networking Booming

  1. Krishna says:

    i give 67 out of 100

  2. rajasekaran says:

    thats great for the mobile technology

  3. Raju Mondal says:

    this is amusing…i hope it will be increase in future…

  4. Andy Simon says:

    It’s truth that all mobile companies providing facility to access fast internet service which help to enjoy social networking explores.

  5. Prita CN says:

    good to hear this as when people r travelling it is a nice option to carry this type of mobiles which can access fast internet facility

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