The ‘world’s cheapest laptop’, developed in India, was unveiled by Union Minister for Human Resources Development Arjun Singh at the Tirupati temple on Tuesday evening.

The laptop, jointly developed by several organisations, such as the University Grants Commission, the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras, and the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, will be priced at around $10 to $20 (about Rs 500 to Rs 1,000), officials said. This laptop is expected to reach the market in about six months.

The project has already created a buzz in the laptop industry across the world.

The laptop has 2 GB onboard memory with wireless Internet connectivity. To make it useful for the students, especially in the rural areas, the scientists have made it low power consuming gadget.

The $10 laptop is being seen as India’s reply to One Laptop per Child‘s XO and Classmate of Intel. The XO, created by scientist Nicholas Negroponte and MIT Media Lab was originally targeted to cost only $100 but by the time it was ready to enter the market its cost went up to $188. The Classmate notebook PC from Intel was priced at $ 300 a piece.

In contrast, the Indian government’s effort to market lap top at only $10 has caused a flutter in the international laptop market and many players are curious to know the details of the costing and how Indians managed to keep the cost so low.


9 Responses to India Unveils World’s Cheapest $10 Laptop

  1. Shabbir says:

    sounds very very interesting. where can i get more information on this such as the progress?

  2. Aravind says:

    This was a hoax. there was no 10$ laptop. It started from a hoax email ..

  3. neeta says:

    ohhh i want to buy this cheapest laptop..where can i get it????please …i would be glad if you people sell it in new delhi very soon…i will buy 10 laptops for 10 $:-)

  4. Suman says:

    is it real or just a joke 10$ laptop

  5. sami says:

    i need more information.

  6. kshitij says:

    this is sick, you can’t get a laptop for 10$, i m sure
    this is not true

  7. MT53191 says:

    $10 for a laptop? If this went on the market with that price I dont think many people would buy it. You usually get what you pay for so what do u think youll get when u pay 10 bucks for a computer?

  8. joe brains says:

    is this for real,if it is…can it get to nigeria…ineed it as much as oxygen is needed..hehehe

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