Dell Releases Adamo XPS: World’s Thinnest Laptop

Dell Adamo XPS Side view

Dell Adamo XPS Side view

Dell officially launched the Adamo XPS, the highest-end version of its designer ultra portable. Dell says it expects to “begin taking orders and shipping the Adamo XPS in time for the holidays.” The ultra thin luxury laptop starts at $1,799.

The system is championed as the thinnest notebook ever and measures just 0.39 inches at its thickest point. Dell accomplishes the feat by tucking most of the computer components into the display section and relying on a unique hinge that opens underneath and acts as a built-in prop . In spite of its slimness, the notebook still has a removable battery, two USB ports and DisplayPort output but also weighs slightly more than its MacBook Air rival at 3.2 pounds.

When fully opened, the keyboard sits at maybe a 20-degree angle. It’s an unusual setup, but one that provides a more ergonomic typing experience than the average flat laptop keyboard. We also liked the keyboard’s metal keys and the reasonably large touchpad.



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  2. sivaprasad:

    look and feel is good.

  3. bluefiz:

    I dun think will have good spec instead of the look and feel

  4. etechnology:

    super lap top from extraordinary company.thanks for sharing this post with me

  5. kavitha:

    nice 2 look at!!!!!!but should have less specialities…

  6. Latest Gadgets:

    This model really seems to be slimiest laptop ever seen. But, I feel it will come with lowest configuration. Even the keyboard sitting position is too different. There will be more unsatisfied customer with the keyboard setup.

  7. johnbosco:

    nice look but i thing to add web camera is special to one.

  8. Vivek:

    A very cool tech.. can compete its rival Macbook Air..

  9. VINOTH:


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