You are in a movie theater or noicy restaurent or a bus etc where there is lot of noice around is big issue while talking on a mobile phone. But in the future this problem is eliminated with “silent sounds”, a new technology unveiled at the CeBIT fair on Tuesday that transforms lip movements into a computer-generated voice for the listener at the other end of the phone.

The device, developed by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), uses electromyography, monitoring tiny muscular movements that occur when we speak and converting them into electrical pulses that can then be turned into speech, without a sound uttered.Crowd Talking On Mobile Phones

‘Silent Sound’ technology aims to notice every movements of the lips and transform them into sounds, which could help people who lose voices to speak, and allow people to make silent calls without bothering others. Rather than making any sounds, your handset would decipher the movements your mouth makes by measuring muscle activity, then convert this into speech that the person on the other end of the call can hear. So, basically, it reads your lips.

“We currently use electrodes which are glued to the skin. In the future, such electrodes might for example by incorporated into cellphones,” said Michael Wand, from the KIT.

The technology opens up a host of applications, from helping people who have lost their voice due to illness or accident to telling a trusted friend your PIN number over the phone without anyone eavesdropping — assuming no lip-readers are around.

The technology can also turn you into an instant polyglot. Because the electrical pulses are universal, they can be immediately transformed into the language of the user’s choice.

“Native speakers can silently utter a sentence in their language, and the receivers hear the translated sentence in their language. It appears as if the native speaker produced speech in a foreign language,” said Wand.

The translation technology works for languages like English, French and Gernan, but for languages like Chinese, where different tones can hold many different meanings, poses a problem, he added.

Noisy people in your office? Not any more. “We are also working on technology to be used in an office environment,” the KIT scientist told AFP.

The engineers have got the device working to 99 percent efficiency, so the mechanical voice at the other end of the phone gets one word in 100 wrong, explained Wand.

“But we’re working to overcome the remaining technical difficulties. In five, maybe ten years, this will be useable, everyday technology,” he said.


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  1. sravanthi says:

    sir can u give me complete details of it bcoz i want 2 present a ppt on it.

  2. chaitanya says:

    plese send me the complete word document of silent sound technology

  3. imran says:

    sir its a great concept I liked that concept,it will be very helpfull in the noisy metropoliten cities like mumbai and others. can u sent me a full concept so that I can present a paper on it on my email id, I hope so u will consider my request thank you

  4. jyothi says:

    it is amazing i request u to say its working principle.

  5. parmeshwar says:

    sir, i want it in detail information plz ,i m interested in this

  6. Awesome technology…… The name “SILENT SOUND TECHNOLOGY” is sounding different. But the gluement of electrodes to the skin may become barrier to the user….. sir, plz mail me detailed report on this technology…. eagerly waiting for it…..thank you.

  7. abhishek k m says:

    can you send more information regarding this technology…and send me the technologies you used

  8. prince says:

    please please forward me the working in detail…. as i am very much like to know the working principle. i have to some think in to this project…. please forward details about the project in mail

  9. logesh says:

    HI BRAINY… i was disappointed after reading it … could u send me the principles and working details … to my mail … i want to get more information regarding this .. please reply me quick… i’m waiting for your reply….

  10. mohanapriyamca says:

    sir…….it is very superb technology….
    can u tell what r the technology u r using?
    one more thing sir…is i m talking with(moving lips),in case if noise prodeuce from out sourcelike vehicles etc,.will it too accept as input?

  11. aftab says:

    plzz i want this project fr technical seminar i want ppt nd also Pdf or word file..plzz am waiting 4 it

  12. aswathykp says:

    sir,I am an B.Tech student(computer science).I like this topic very much.I would like to take this topic as my seminar.I want more details or report about it.Plz mail me detailed report about this technology.Thank you.

  13. jithin Babu says:

    its great and wonderful technology.

  14. […] Silent Sound Technology: An End To Noisy Communications […]

  15. vinod says:

    realy a great invention………

  16. naresh says:

    really amazing..sir can u give me complete details of it bcoz i want 2 present a ppt on it.

  17. vignesh says:

    I am doing my M.E. I am interestid in doing my project on Silent Sound Technology. I would like to get more information regarding Silent Sound Technology. Can anyone help me get more information on this. Please send me any details on this Technology to [email protected]

  18. Terry.W says:

    I wasn’t aware of the strange tongue that is gernan. Very interesting though would defiantly be nice in call centre environments I’m betting.

  19. rena says:

    hai sir please send me the detailed techniques used in silent sound and explain the working principles

  20. Renuka says:


    What a superb idea send the full concept… to my ID….

  21. kumar aman says:

    Plz pay attention,as i m going to give report on this tec. so i need more detail abt this tec.. so plz please forward this detail to my email…plzzz

  22. nigar says:

    Sir would u plz mind to send me cmplete detail related to this topic as i have to generate a project report on this

  23. sugandha says:

    dis is really an amazing techno. 4 eve1..n will u plz explain me in detail hw it act.. works..? dis z quite interestin….

  24. uday kiran says:

    really amazing..sir can u give me complete details of it because i want to presentation on it in my college

  25. Matthias says:


    Sounds amazing, imagine all encryption of data could be tossed away like in skype and make communication faster and a lot less complicated.

    Could you please explain it a bit more …

  26. shweta says:

    Its wonderful.But may I know that what voice will be heard by the person on the other hand.
    Will it be voice of that person using this gadget or will it be computer generated voice.

  27. ashok says:

    Sir i had doubt that it will read only lip movement ?

  28. sidra says:

    this is superb technology can i get the full document of this can u pls send this sir

  29. brindha says:

    How could this work with muscles. Can u tell me the techniques used in developing this technology. I like this technology and would like to know more details about this.

  30. SK.SURYA says:

    sir after reading silent sound i will take ppt about that. so i need full details sir please…

  31. swati says:

    a wndrful tchnology..a boon 4 doz who cnt speak….
    may i plz gt d cmplete details of this i wud prefer to go 4 a prjct in this technology during my masters..

  32. Shabana says:

    hii sir… disz surely an xcellent n amazing tech dat i hav ever heard… i m very interested abt dis one n need some particular details regarding dis… i want to giv a seminar on dis topic… pl help me…

  33. jeya says:

    hi sir… dis is surely an xcellent n amazing tech dat i hav ever heard… i m very interested abt dis one n need some particular details regarding dis…
    sir plz send me the ppt about dis project…

  34. charitha says:

    Sir, this is truely a wonderful technique provided for the people who are deaf. I’m very eager to know the working principle of such devices.

  35. likitha says:

    Sir its really a wonderful technique developed for the people who lost their voice. Will you plz kindly send the paper presentation on it i would like to present it on behalf of my college

  36. rounak mangroliya says:

    sir,its really interesting can u explain the whole working of this project please

  37. pavaninaidu says:

    Its wonderful.will u plz explain me in detail..

  38. jaishri says:

    cn u plz send me detail abt it. its really amazing.

  39. jaishri says:

    its amazing. can you plz send me details…

  40. sparsh gupta says:

    sir, its a great achievement ,but one question i would like to ask you that which type of sensor you used in your mobile to catch the muscles signals,or how a sensor can recieve such type of signals…….please explain.i m waiting for your reply. ……thank you

  41. Hi there, I found your blog via Google while searching for a related topic, your website came up, it looks great. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  42. kumar says:

    Hi there, I found your blog via Google while searching this topic. can u plz send me detail abt it. its really amazing.

  43. sai saran says:

    its just amazing technology sir. if possible send me the working principle of this project sir. all tthe best for project

  44. Sayali says:

    This technology is just excellent. Can you explain it in more detail?

  45. ansa says:

    Respected sir,
    i liked the technology alot…….i gave a presentation on it in my college.
    but i also want a full report abt its working,pictures,characteristics, future aspects,development etc….
    please sir it would be kind enough if u mail a project report on silent sound technology, its urgent.
    on my email id

  46. Navya says:

    i want complete explanation of silent sound technology

  47. Navya says:

    can u explain me working procedure for this

  48. Navya says:

    pleasa mail me as soon as possible since i have seminar on coming monday

  49. Mahendra says:

    sir,its really interesting can u explain the working of this project please, as I’m interested in giving a seminar on this topic, it would very help full

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