In this extremely competitive market, well-informed business owners know that reducing power consumption is a smart and environmentally friendly way to cut operating expenses without reducing product quality or employee output. Switching IT processing to a Dell Blade system can save money while increasing productivity.

Improved Design

Traditional rack servers bundle components into individual cabinets along with separate energy consuming devices like graphics cards and keyboards. Each server requires a power source and extensive cabling and patching. A single optimized blade system can replace an entire room of rack servers and operate from a solitary source of power. The innovative design improves the effectiveness of internal fans and cooling systems, reducing current draw by as much as 65 percent for a fully loaded blade chassis over similarly configured rack systems. Since a single cabinet houses an entire block of servers, the need for external cooling systems or “cold rooms” drops as well.


Server virtualization improves power consumption by reducing the hardware requirements of businesses and institutions. A blade server can comfortably maintain information and applications that were formerly housed in a dozen or more rack servers. Standard servers that run only one application often operate at or below 20 percent capacity. Blade systems maximize efficiency by ensuring that each server component is working to its full capability. By allowing systems and applications to network freely between servers, blade systems increase productivity and eliminate unused or underutilized CPU storage space. Data transfers easily between machines. Once configured, individual components can be removed, repaired and/or replaced while the system is fully operating, decreasing the need for shutdowns.

Increased IT Performance

While utilizing blade servers increases the energy efficiency of your computer operations, they also reduce the energy expended by your IT personnel. Blade systems are easy to install, easy to manage and easy to maintain. Switching to a virtualized blade server limits end user responsibility, employee calls to IT, and the resulting time consumed in solving simple operator errors. Since they successfully integrate interfaces among many servers, blade systems also reduce the time spent in updating or installing new software and in reconfiguring applications.

Once employed exclusively by large corporations, small and mid-sized businesses are embracing new technology to become more environmentally friendly while increasing productivity and cutting costs. Dell blade servers can take your business to a higher level and a bite out of your utility bill.


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